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Below are a few links to the new and improved research journal that parallels the iBook edition.

We recently released a major update to the paper edition with icons that map interactive content from the iPad (PC coming soon) to research projects in the paper edition. This icon corresponds to the fully interactive and enhanced Interactive Listening Digital Edition

for tablet and Mac. Follow this icon to the page number indicated for expanded material on the

subject, including videos, hundreds of audio and multimedia, quizzes, 3D panoramas, tests and

much more.

2nd tablet icon

This paper book and the digital edition are designed to complement each other, they are not

identical, they have many similar characteristics, but many different lessons. We created the digital

edition to expand many chapters in this paper book. Many of the lessons of both books are created

as puzzles to encourage classroom debate, competition, and interaction. The paper and digital

books work well together or separately.

For information about currently supported computing devices go to, and

check out our “Teacher’s Lounge” for resources. You can also find us in the iTunes and iBook

store for iPad and Mac.

Click on the links below to save a pdf sample from  the research journal to your device.

Interactive Listening – Student sample

Interactive Listening -Teacher sample

Visit our website at  for more information.  Have a look at our Teacher’s Lounge where you can find tools, useful websites, additional exercises and more. We are constantly adding new materials, so visit often for new materials.

Go to iTunes to download our free iPad sample (for iPad only at this time, PC is almost ready)


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