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Interactive Listening – Our iBook is joining the Mac

Last week, Apple announced that the iBook format will now operate across ALL Apple/Mac computers including desktops, laptops, iPads and mini iPads with the new OS X. They have also featured INTERACTIVE LISTENING  at their annual developer convention in San Francisco.

Read more on the apple website iBooks – Mac joins the book club

In addition we have had some very interesting reviews from music education publications, and the links for them are listed below. Android fans, we have news for you also.

The Blended Approach (“I have 1 tablet or PC in my class”)

As far as other news, many schools have opted to choose a “blended approach”, combining the iBook version for the teacher with our paper text/journal for each student. This enables the teacher to fully utilize the iBook interactivity while students use the discussion and journal features of the paper text for classroom and homework activities. This blended approach is very popular in a growing number of school districts which have not yet equipped every student with an iPad/laptop. This is my current teaching situation also, and I love it. Class is visually stimulating, and homework is YouTube accessible.

Sample paper chapters are available on request, and on iTunes. If you haven’t tried our free iBook sample, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Pricing for the iBook version remains at $14.99 through the Apple iTunes store. The text/journal version is  available  for $34.99/unit or $29.99/unit for a classroom order with a free Teacher Edition provided for each class set of 20 texts.

Android and PC users?

The Android/PC/laptop version of INTERACTIVE LISTENING will soon be available as well.  We will truly be a BYOD (bring your own device) music text/course in the Fall. If you’re an Android tablet fan come out of the shadows, we have a demo for you to Beta test. Again, if you’ve seen a $14.99 interactive multimedia textbook for Android, you’re from the future.

We have agreed to a 2 year licensing agreement with Apple to use INTERACTIVE LISTENING, the iBook, in their worldwide advertising. As one  the smallest companies in the world, we are excited to work with one of the largest.

Here are the links for the reviews I mentioned above:

Thank You, for helping us make music matter. Teachers need to lead the changes in education.
Peter Carney