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Thank you for your interest in Interactive Listening a new approach to music.  Our products are proudly created and printed in the U.S.A.

We currently offer:

  • Interactive Listening Enhanced Digital Edition for iPad, Mac laptop and desktop
  • Interactive Listening Music Research Journal
  • Interactive Listening – Ensemble Edition

Coming soon:

  • Interactive Listening Enhanced Digital Edition for Android platforms and laptops/computers
  • Interactive Listening Music History Enhanced Digital Edition for iPad


iBook – Interactive Listening Enhanced Digital Edition for iPad

We are excited to announce the release of the iBook version of Interactive Listening.  The Enhanced Digital edition offers 230 pages of videos, interactive pictures, interactive quiz questions, over 120 built in music samples and more exciting content is now available on iTunes for $14.99.

Interactive Listening reverses the educational process of traditional music by building active classroom experiences that replaces passive learning. At the intersection of music history, music appreciation, and musical language, Interactive Listening is designed as a comprehensive overhaul to the music classroom, band rehearsal, or concert listening experience. Students will understand the roles of each instrument, musical elements, counterpoint, and cultural depth of music that is often overlooked in the traditional musical process.

From cavemen to Beethoven to Coldplay, explore music in the first truly interactive e-textbook of its kind. Interactive Listening is a multimedia expedition through the history, science, and diverse languages of music. Every page uses audio, video, 3D instruments, tablet drawing exercises, or instant listening tests to actively engage learners. With over 120 built in music examples, listen to Tibetan monks, a Dixieland parade, or a Dubstep DJ while you cross 35,000 years of music with sounds from every continent and each chair in the orchestra.

Why has music been written in caves, ships, and cathedrals in every corner of the human Odyssey? Interactive Listening was designed by two music professors to test your ears, eyes, and mind, in an experiential search for the truth about what music really is.

Best of all, updates are free.  From time to time, we update our links and make small corrections.

Listen like Beethoven. Question like Miles. Learn like the Beatles. Hear yourself.

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Interactive Listening is #1 Editor’s Choice Digital Book on iTunes


Get a free sample of the iBook by following this link (iPad and Mac users only).

To order directly from your iPad, use the iBooks icon, not iTunes, and in the search box enter “Interactive Listening” or browse through the Music Textbooks section. On your computer, use iTunes.

Android and PC laptop users, do not despair, we are hard at work in creating a compatible version for your device, please send us an email at [email protected] and you will be the first one to know when it’s available.


Keep an eye out for the Interactive Listening Music History Enhanced Digital Edition coming out soon.




Interactive Listening Music Research Journal

a 225 pages journal that covers Music Appreciation and General Music Curriculum.  The book offers a variety of exercises with different complexity levels which are easily adaptable to Middle School, High School and College students alike.

The Music Research Journal, is $34.99 per unit.  For classroom orders of 20 students or more, we provide a complimentary Teacher’s version with the answers, and please ask about our classroom purchase discount.  As teacher’s ourselves, we understand budget restrictions and we are willing to work with you and your administration, in the end, we want you to have an amazing class experience.

The Music Research Journal works great as a stand alone and digs deep into listening, research and comprehension.  It is also compatible with the Enhanced Digital Edition for iPad for a fully interactive experience with all the bells and whistles available (see description above).


Interactive Listening – Ensemble Edition

a 68 pages workbook with a strong focus on listening exercises.  Band Directors can pick and choose exercises that will help their students refine their listening skills and understanding the different elements of an orchestra or band.


Order a Free Sample

if you want to experience Interactive Listening in your classroom, please send us an email with your school details and we will be happy to send you a 10 pages sample, Teacher and Student version to try in class.


To Order Books

please send an email to [email protected] for questions, quotes or orders.



Due to the nature of YouTube, links of videos may come and go, we try to leave sufficient details about the songs in hopes that there will be a substitute available.  Please send us an email if you can’t find a quick substitute.