Apple’s #1 iBook on iTunes: Music education fights back

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We made it onto the top of the iTunes homepage in the picture above. Interactive Listening combines the interface of app design with the comprehensive text needed for a music course. Our music iBook is designed to create a new educational experience using one or thirty iPads in the music classroom. Click here to download your free sample from iTunes. Here’s a look at our new music iBook for the iPad. Interactive Listening is currently being featured on the iTunes homepage for all books. It works as a digital textbook or a companion to our paper version. If you’d like more information, please get in touch and we’ll answer any questions. There’s also a free sample available through the iTunes store for books.




From beginning to advanced music students our textbook offers teachers and students an exciting change in the listening experience. For the first time in music education, listening examples are built into the reading material, creating a fluid classroom experience. The breakthrough in iBooks author technology allows for the creation of an evolving learning environment that is unique to each page in the book.



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Image of the moving 3D trumpet model on page 45 of the iBook