Testimonials from Music Teachers

New teaching tools for the modern music teacher combined with exciting lessons for digital native students

Feedback and Testimonials from a few music teachers

“Interactive Listening is the next step in music pedagogy and in artistic literacy. It clearly and obviously combines elements that attract learners of all ages by engaging in current technological practices that push music education forward. I love the momentum towards sites like YouTube and also about how transitional learning can be from that perspective. Interactive Listening  is flexible and easily modifies itself in its scope – you can take portions from throughout the book without missing important details that are often required of sequential textbooks. Best of all, because it is based on a student-centric learning approach, it will continue to constantly develop and change. The book is changing the way we think about teaching in the arts and paving a new path in music education.”

-Jay Berckley, TED Speaker and Director of Performing & Fine Arts, The Village School, Houston

“This iBook is really an outstanding work. If you have a middle school through college course in music appreciation or history or even reference for ensembles, this is an outstanding resource. It’s thorough, beautifully conceived and executed and interactive. Your students will love using this iBook. Have a class set of iPads? Get this on every one. Check this out closely. Great iBook.

Barbara Freedman-author for Oxford Press and MusicEdTech

“At last, Music History can be fun!!!  Where was this app when I was pouring through the pages of Grout?  Interactive Listening is an amazing application for musicians, musician-wannabees, or music lovers of all ages.  Here you will find great information, great sound clips, great photographs, and so much more….all at a great price!”

-Charles Menghini, President of Vandercook College of Music


“Interactive Listening” is a thorough and engaging text.  By presenting music fundamentals and history in a conversational, exploratory style, it invites students from every background to approach music in ways that make sense to them.  The examples and assignments are well-chosen to eliminate the “dead white guy” syndrome that still plagues too many music courses. –Matthew Richmond – Music Professor at UNC Asheville


“I had the great pleasure to have chats with some young people developing iPad-based tools.  Peter Carney (Saint Xavier University and City Colleges of Chicago), along with Brian Felix (University of North Carolina at Asheville), has created a phenomenal ebook called “Interactive Listening”.  This has been a true labor of love for Peter (he locked himself in his basement for a year to write this) and the result is a truly remarkable multi-media resource that many teachers will want to use to enhance listening skills and critical thinking in their curricula.  I love how he has worksheets throughout the resource which encourage students to think and write (read “not multiple-choice!”) and then submit their work to their teacher.  You can download the book from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/interactive-listening/id597212213?mt=13.  I really encourage you to check it out – you can get a sample of the book from the iTunes link.”

-Richard McCready, Music Teacher of the Year, TI:ME


“A great new comprehensive method for today’s music classroom. A must for all music programs, and music teachers. Any music teacher looking for a new technique should evaluate this method.” -James Rallis–Music Educator, Chicago

“Interactive Listening is truly a new approach to music. Actually, it’s more. First, readers of Interactive Listening will learn how to critically hear and listen to music. Second, Interactive Listening embraces industry-disturbing new media and innovative music pedagogical techniques to introduce students to all genres of music. Music teachers should love how students will learn the important names in music history without the dogma found in most music history books and classes. Interactive Listening will prove to be a revolutionary breakthrough in teaching music appreciation and introductory music history courses on any level for all music teachers.”

-Dr. Gene Smith, University of Nebraska

Very interesting and unique way to think about music. Tons of music included, and videos for all music teachers.

iTunes review by Teacher4Music

“I’ve used the hard copy of this book in my collegiate Intro to Music classes (it would work just as well for high school), and it was a night and day difference from some of the old warhorse music appreciation books. With this new interactive iBook especially, it grabs students with a professional and catchy format, but also encourages critical thinking and creativity FAR more than anything else I’ve used. Prof. Carney is a master educator and great musician who thinks outside the box! Thank you for this new interactive format, I can’t wait to use it in the fall!”

Dr. Jeff Malecki, Director of Bands and Orchestra at Saint Xavier University