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iBook for iPad

Interactive Listening Cover 3rd Edition

Music Education is transformed into an interactive experience on the iPad in the classroom

We are excited to announce the release of the iBook for iPad version of Interactive Listening. The Enhanced Digital edition offers 230 pages of videos, interactive pictures, interactive quiz questions, over 120 built in music samples and more exciting content is now available on iTunes for $14.99. Music history and music appreciation are often a music teacher’s most difficult class. The traditional music textbook model offers little engagement for music students in the classroom. This textbook creates a set of tools and a new path through the woods of music history.

For the first time, students can discover music while they read, not after. For the first time listeners can get instant feedback about their listening skills with over 50 automated quizzes throughout the book. This music book also attempts to create visual relationships with the sound of music.

In recent MRI scans, musicians brains have been shown to use the visual area of the brain more than non-musicians. In this new approach to music, students have a textbook that asks them to see music as much as they hear it. When music teachers or conductors communicate, they wave their hands in visual space. Shouldn’t listeners be learning to hear music in this same part of the brain?


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  • Touch enabled participation
  • Instantly responsive quizzes
  • Audio examples built into the text
  • Choose different learning paths
  • Visual drawing and 3D instruments
  • Questions geared towards collaboration


  • $14.99 purchase for life
  • Not Wifi or Internet dependent
  • No servers or signals necessary after download
  • No bugs or glitches
  • 2 semesters of material
  • Free cloud storage via Apple


  • Multi-sensory exposure of information
  • Listening while reading
  • Journaling while listening
  • Listening while searching visual galleries
  • Retain stronger interactive learning experiences with muscle, visual, and aural memory.