Jennifer Foxx’s Tech Tuesday, Music Education Review

by / Tuesday, 30 April 2013 / Published in Blog, Latest posts, Music Education, Music Technology, Press

Jennifer Foxx just posted a great review of Interactive Listening on her website. Every Tuesday she posts a new page about music education and technology news that can help music teachers. It’s amazing how fast technology is amplifying the music education conversation.the internet is changing the speed of the music education conversation among teachers. For the first time educators can create original content for the classroom.

How long ago was it that teachers heard about new resources at All-State competitions? A couple of years ago, music education didn’t have many blogs, apps, interactive books, electronic music ensembles, facebook groups, or tweets.  Here’s preview of her article:


“I am super excited to share this fantastic resource with everyone today as I’ve never seen anything like it! Interactive Listening is an interactive iBook created by Pete Carney and Brian Felix. Once purchased, the iBook downloads directly to the iBooks app on your iPad. As explained on their website, “The Enhanced Digital edition offers 230 pages of videos, interactive pictures, interactive quiz questions, over 120 built in music samples…” Upon opening the book, you will be transported to an inspiring video on Music. Asking questions like when did music begin? How old is it? Why Music? Touching on the historical and cultural backgrounds, the emotions it causes, etc.”

Click here to read the complete review. If you’re trying to find our iBook click here.