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Pete Carney and Brian Felix in the News

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“This initiative is part of a new music education curriculum.”

“Riveting” -Melissa Ross, NPR 

JACKSONVILLE, FL. — Duval County Public Schools are launching a brand new initiative for digital-savvy students this school year. The initiative is part of a new music education curriculum. It’s called ‘Interactive Listening’, and it was developed by former Landon Middle School student Pete Carney and his co-worker, Brian Felix. The county has purchased 2,000 textbooks for students and 100 iBooks for teachers to use as part of this new initiative. “I never thought I would have seen myself creating a book that my hometown would use,” he said. Paula Thornton is the Director of Arts for Duval County Public Schools. She said the new curriculum will be an extremely useful tool for teachers. “This is a new interactive textbook that is going to hopefully revolutionize the way that they’re able to deliver instruction to all music classes, but specifically general music classes,” she said.

“Carney and Felix unveiled their masterpiece to middle school and high school teachers at Atlantic Coast High School Wednesday.” -Lisa Robbins, First Coast News 

Thornton said unlike other counties, Duval County is placing a heavy emphasis on the performing arts and music programs. She said it’s important for kids to tap into their creative side.  Connecting Music Education to non-musicians  

“Music education quality and arts education of any kind will serve that purpose. It will meet that need as long as we can really support it and make it important,” -Paula Thornton 

Students will use both the textbook and iBooks to navigate thousands of years worth of music history. Carney said the added technology serves as a tool to keep students interested in what it is they’re learning. Interactive Listening was named by Apple Inc. as the top Editor’s Choice in all categories of textbooks. It was also the first music education method to be featured on Apple’s iTunes website.

NPR Interview with Melissa Ross 

Below is a transcript of the interview with Melissa Ross on her radio program two days later in Jacksonville. Interview with Melissa Ross on NPR WJCT

Melissa Ross

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